About YouKnowWatt

YouKnowWatt started as an initiative created by Steve Garceau, an electrical engineer graduated from the University of Edinburgh which has been consistently growing over the years.

We’ve created a multidisciplinary team with dozens of specialists in different areas regarding energy consumption and resource administration. Our goal is to provide the best consulting services to companies and government entities in regards to lowering their energy consumption levels.

It started in 2010, when Steve Garceau realized the energy levels were going down in a global scale thanks to the trivialization of this problematic. He realized there weren’t companies solely dedicated to these types of consulting services and he took a leap of faith.

He gathered with several professionals and proposed to them. Although most of them shared the same mindset, they were not truly convinced at first, resulting in a group that wasn’t strongly committed, as they all held their day jobs. Steve wasn’t satisfied.

They started working with different companies and things quickly got serious for YouKnowWatt. After some big contracts were landed, the group left their jobs and started working solely on this project, which skyrocketed after just a year of being founded.

If your company wants to get full assistance of how to lower their energy consumption levels, call us or send us an email and we’ll gladly design a plan to drop those numbers.

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